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Our Services

At Footsteps Property Valuers, we provide professional and reliable valuations across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our main services include:

Residential Valuations

We value all types of residential properties including houses, townhouses, units, apartments, duplexes, and vacant land. Our detailed valuations help homeowners, buyers, sellers and investors understand the current market value of their property.

Pre-Purchase Valuations

Getting a valuation before you purchase a property allows you to make an informed offer and avoid overpaying. We provide unbiased advice taking into account recent comparable sales.

Pre-Sale Valuations

Before you sell, a valuation will give you a realistic price guide so you can competitively position your property in the current market. We look at market demand as well as the unique features and condition of your property.

Insurance Valuations

Our valuations ensure you have adequate insurance cover in case of unforeseen disasters. We assess rebuilding costs and depreciation for accurate sums insured.

Mortgage Security Valuations

Bank lending valuations help you access equity in your property. Our valuers work closely with lenders to determine property values that meet lending criteria.

Property Settlement Valuations

For deceased estates and property settlements, our desktop or onsite valuations establish accurate property asset values for equitable distribution.
We are committed to delivering prompt and reliable valuations tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to value your residential property in Melbourne or regional Victoria.